Not A Pipe Clamp, But A Pipe Bench Vise

Not A Pipe Clamp, But A Pipe Bench Vise

Chris   May 22, 2012  
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Pipe clamp kits are a great way for people to make pipe clamps that they can customize to fit their own specific needs. The user just buys the size pipe they need, and they can put together a clamp in no time. Lee Valley has a new product that takes the same idea and applies it to a workbench vise.

The Pipe Vise comes in a similar kit and consists of a vise head and a base that can be attached to the underside of your workbench or table. All the user has to do is supply a length of 3/4-inch black gas pipe and some scrap wood. With this type of clamp your clamping size is only limited by the length of pipe you can get. Another cool feature about this new vise style is the quick release. A button on the front or a pull from the back can instantly release the clamp, thus saving time. It can even be set up to be released via a foot pedal. This type of system can allow you to put vises in all kinds of places that were impossible before. The Pipe Vise will be available at LeeValley this month (May 2012) for $60 each kit.

Pipe Vise - LeeValley

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