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Newest Makita 18V Jobsite Radio Includes Built-In iPod Dock

Newest Makita 18V Jobsite Radio Includes Built-In iPod Dock Hot
Chris   November 21, 2012  
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Newest Makita 18V Jobsite Radio Includes Built-In iPod Dock

Just in time to get one before Christmas, Makita came out with the new LXRM03B Cordless AM/FM Jobsite Radio. Unlike previous models that featured only a line-in for mp3 player connection, the new model features an actual iPod dock.

The new Makita jobsite radio looks very similar to the older model and still shares many of the same features. It can run on any of the old Makita stick batteries or the current 18V LXT batteries; if you don't have batteries you can use the included AC adaptor. Unfortunately this radio will not charge batteries, but they say you can get 16 hours of runtime out of a single 18V LXT battery.

While the previous Makita radios came in green or white, the new Makita radio looks slick in all black with a contrasting glow that emits from the digital control panel. The control panel also got an updated look and in addition to the iPod controls, it features an AM/FM radio, clock, alarm, and more.

The LXRM03B comes as a little bit of bad news for Makita, and consumers, as they released the new 18-volt jobsite radio just after Apple changed the connection type on their new products. People with an older iPod should be happy, but new owners will have to buy some kind of adaptor.

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