New T-Loc Systainers Offer Great New Features

New T-Loc Systainers Offer Great New Features

Chris   December 21, 2010  
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If you are a fan of the Systainer stackable storage system, you will probably be happy to know that Tanos has given the Systainer a much needed update. The new T-Loc Systainer not only ditches the old bland look for something much more stylish, but the hardware sees a huge change with a completely re-engineered latch system. What once required 4 latches to mount one box to another, now only requires one. The T-Loc makes use of two hooks to keep the back of the boxes together, and a single locking knob to latch the front. The T-Loc is even able to attach with the older style boxes as long as the old boxes are placed at the bottom of the stack. Another big improvement the T-Loc brings, is the ability to open lower boxes in a stack without have to remove the boxes above.

As of now Festool USA does not list the T-Loc Systainer on their website, but I have seen photos with the Festool name on the new T-Loc, so it is probably just a matter of time. Also not yet seen are T-Loc versions of the Sortainer. You can get the Tanos Systainers in Blue or Dark Grey online today. The best news of all is the T-Loc boxes cost a few bucks less.