New Mini Saw And Rotary Tool From Dremel

New Mini Saw And Rotary Tool From Dremel

Chris   August 12, 2011  
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Dremel3000 EZTwistNoseCap

We can always count on Dremel to bring us some cool new tools that make diy and hobby projects even easier. Up first is a new Rotary tool, the tool that really put Dremel into household across America. The new Dremel 3000 rotary brings us a few great new features and might just make some of you past Dremel users long for a 3000 upgrade. The first feature is something we have all been wishing for since we got our very first Dremel all those years ago, on board wrench storage. The 3000 is the first Dremel to feature the EZ Twist accessory changing system. EZ Twist is a new design feature that has the changing wrench built right in to the nose cap of the Dremel. That is right, no more searching for that little wrench. No tool-less changing yet, but we are getting closer. The other most notable feature of the 3000 is its size. It is noticeably smaller then previous versions while still retailing a high 32,000 RPM speed with a 1.2 amp rating. Other design changes are said to make hold the Dremel like a pencil easier then before.

DremelSaw-Max Plunge2

Dremel's other new tool is a corded mini saw called the Dremel Saw-Max. I can't find an exact size on the blade for the Saw-Max, but it has a max cutting depth of 3/4-inch. Using a verity of different saw blades, the Saw-Max can cut though a number of household material, such as wood, laminate flooring, plastics, drywall, tile, and even sheet metal. The Saw-Max has a variable depth adjustment guide to make cutting to the right depth easy, and a number of add-on accessories enable the saw to cut straight lines, as well as miter cuts.

The idea of a super small circular saw is intriguing to me, but it seems like this saw does the functions of other popular Dremel tools already on the market. The Dremel Multi-Max can do most of the cutting tasks of this saw, while their rotary tools can cut sheet metal and tile. The accessory guides do set the Saw-Max apart, but other circular saw have these as well. I am not sold on the Saw-Max, but if any of you can see a gap that this saw fills, please let us know in the comments below.

The Dremel 3000 will be available this September for between $55- $75. The Saw-Max will be available this October with a suggested retail price of $129.99.

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