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New Gorilla Glue Cap Promises To keep Your Glue Fresh

New Gorilla Glue Cap Promises To keep Your Glue Fresh Hot
Chris   January 30, 2012  
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New Gorilla Glue Cap Promises To keep Your Glue Fresh

I always roll with a bottle of Gorilla Glue in my tool box, as one never knows when he/she might need to glue something up. But reaching for that glue bottle only to find out that it has cured in the bottle, can be a real problem. The thing about Gorilla Glue is that it reacts and cures using water, and evidently, even the moisture in the atmosphere is enough to start the curing process. Knowing how unhappy dried up glue makes us, Gorilla Glue set out to fix the problem.

Gorilla Glue engineered a new cap design that works twice as hard to prevent air and moisture from getting in, thus keeping our glue fresher, longer. What they came up with was a cap that has a stainless steel pin, and when the cap is screwed on, it pushes the pin into the hole on the glue bottle. The cap has also been ergonomically redesigned with wings to be easier to screw and unscrew. I also noticed that the lid and the new cap have ridges that lock together to help prevent self-unscrewing. It looks like Gorilla Glue really thought things out.

You can get the new cap on 2 oz Gorilla Glue products. I hope they are working on a new cap for there larger bottle as well. Be sure to check out the video below.

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