New Flooring Clamp Line From Bessey

New Flooring Clamp Line From Bessey
Chris   July 10, 2012  
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New Flooring Clamp Line From Bessey

Bessey is well known for their clamping tools and it is always exciting to see what they come out with next. What's next for Bessey this time, is flooring tools. More specifically, their new line of flooring tools consists of both flooring clamps and flooring spacers to help with alignment.

The Bessey AV2 and PVA take on the job of flooring alignment and act as adjustable spacers that go between the flooring and the wall. You always want to build your flooring off of a straight row and tools like this make the job a bit easier. Both models can be used to build a straight row, while the PVA can also be used to compress your last row.

The PVZ65 is built around the design of the PVA and adds the extra feature of being able to compress multiple rows together. You can use this to build a solid starting foundation for glue down flooring installation or for closing up gaps.

When you have a big area to keep tight, you will want the SVH Flooring Strap Clamp. The strap is 157-inches long and offers a clamping force of 220-pounds. This clamp uses a ratchet style clamp similar to those found on cargo straps.

The AV2 comes in a pack of 4 and is expected to retail for under $10. Each PVA is expected to retail for under $20. The msrp for the PVZ56 clamp is about $60 and the SVH is around $40.