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New Festool Systainer With Built-In MFT Workbench Top

New Festool Systainer With Built-In MFT Workbench Top Hot
Chris   December 04, 2013  
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New Festool Systainer With Built-In MFT Workbench Top

Since many of us already use our toolboxes as make-shift worktables, Festool went ahead and built a miniature worktable right into the top of a SYS-1 sized Systainer. With it, you can be sure to always have a workbench to go along with the rest of your tools.

Festool’s new Systainer Worktable features a top that is similar to what they use on their MFT worktables, with holes that work with Festool clamps and hold-downs. In addition, the top has a v-groove that can be used to secure dowels and pipes. A non-skid strip that is built right into the work surface also does its part to grip your material.

To remain compatible with existing Festool products the SYS-MFT is the same height as a regular SYS-1. Despite the thicker MFT lid, the SYS-MFT still opens like a typical T-Loc Systainer and has room inside to hold your clamps and other hold-downs.

Festool says the SYS-MFT will be available December 2013 with a price tag of $75. Unfortunately not clamps are included. BUY SYS-MFT

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