New Festool Jigsaws Freeze Time

New Festool Jigsaws Freeze Time
Chris   March 31, 2011  
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Festool Carvex Jigsaw - Stroboscopic LED Light

You have to hand to those German engineers over at Festool, they have added one of the coolest features ever to their new jigsaws coming out in June. The new Festool Carvex jigsaws use the power of stroboscopic lights to visually freeze the movement of the blade to make seeing where you are cutting super easy. Normally you would have to start cutting to see where the front of the blade is, and this can cause issues when you need accuracy.

If freezing time wasn't cool enough, Festool also brings a tool-less interchangeable base system to the Carvex. You can use any of six different bases that each tackle a specific task. They have a guide rail base that works with the Festool rail system, a hard phenolic base, an angle base that folds down the middle, a metal cutting base, a low-friction base, and a felt base that provides protection for you work surfaces.

The Carvex has a ton of other cool features that I should also mention, bullet style.

  • Brushless Motor
  • Blade brake (I have never seen this in a jigsaw before)
  • Zero clearance anti-chip insert
  • Triple blade guidance system for 90-degrees cuts in material as thick as 4-3/4"
  • Dust extraction ready (as expected)
  • Thermal and overload protection
  • Available in corded or cordless (18V)
  • Available in barrel grip or d-handle

The corded Carvex models cost $350, but the pricing for the cordless models have yet to be announced. These new jigsaws also use the new Systainer T-Loc boxes.

Festool has a whole page set up for the Carvex, so be sure to check it out.
Festool Carvex

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