New Carbide Recip Blades From Diablo?

New Carbide Recip Blades From Diablo?

Chris   May 05, 2010  
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Diablo reciprocating saw carbide blades

We love it when we get fresh news in our inbox. It is like unwrapping a small Christmas present every time we read about something new. A lot of the news we post here comes straight from the manufactures themselves, a good portion of it comes from things we see around the internet, but our favorite news comes from the readers of Tool-Rank. The latest news comes from user PutnamEco who spotted some interesting new carbide reciprocating saw blades from Diablo.

Just about every circular saw blade you buy these days has teeth that are carbide tipped, but for some reason carbide has not found its way to the other saw blade families. So it is great to find out that Diablo has gone in the carbide direction with their new recip. blades. They are said to offer 10x the cutting power over standard blades, and use a new exclusive geometry that allows for extreme durability. There is not much information on these new Diablo blades other then what can be found on the Home Depot website, so it will be interesting to hear how well these blades work out over time.- Now, where are the carbide tipped jigsaw blades?

You can pick up this new blades in 9 Inch x 6 TPI or a 6 Inch x 6 TPI sizes.

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