New 5 inch random orbit sander from Makita

New 5 inch random orbit sander from Makita

Chris   August 04, 2008  
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Makita BO5030 Makita has announced the release of a new 5" random orbital sander. The new sander features a powerful 3-amp motor that allows 12,000 OPM, and large 1/8" orbit action. While it seems like most orbital sanders only vibrate, with the 1/8" movement, this one looks to have some real sanding power.

To help this sander stay working like new, year after year, the sander also features oversized sealed ball-bearing construction, and a dust-sealed switch, to minimize dust contamination. To keep you, and your work area clean, the sander utilizes a through-the-pad dust collection system and fabric dust bag with a wide mouth for faster disposal. Also available are a variety of hoses and adapters that allow you to attach your new toy tool to your shops vacuum system.

Model BO5030K includes abrasive paper, dust bag, and tool case. MSRP $69.00

Model BO5030 includes the abrasive paper and dust bag. MSRP $64.00