Milwaukee M12 HammerVac Is ColorBlind, Attaches To Other Brand’s Roto-Hammers

Milwaukee M12 HammerVac Is ColorBlind, Attaches To Other Brand’s Roto-Hammers
Chris   February 07, 2013  
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Milwaukee M12 HammerVac 2306-22

The Milwaukee M12 HammerVac is a dust extractor that collects the dust that your rotary hammer makes while drilling, but unlike other cordless rotary hammer vacuums, the HammerVac works on other brand's drills too.

Milwaukee is not the only company that makes a cordless rotary hammer dust extractor attachment, but as far as I know the Milwaukee HammerVac is the only cordless option that will work with your existing rotary hammer, no matter the brand. Meaning that you don't have to go buy a whole new rotary hammer to be able to enjoy cleaner air while drilling.

So how does the HammerVac achieve universal compatibility? Most rotary hammers have a collar that a side handle attaches too, and if yours does, there is a pretty good chance that it is HammerVac compatible. The HammerVac attaches to the roto hammer using this collar and replaces the stock side handle. Three different size handles collars are included to compensate for the various sized collars that are used.

Using the M12 battery also makes the Milwaukee M12 HammerVac one of the lightest dust collection systems you will find, making it ideal for overhead work where you would otherwise get a face full of dust and debris. Meeting HEPA standards, the filter will remove 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns and features a replaceable filter.

You can pre-order the Milwaukee HammerVac from Ohio Power Tool for just under $200. They also have a good video that shows how the system works.

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