Milwaukee Jab Saw - And It Folds

Milwaukee Jab Saw - And It Folds

Chris   June 08, 2010  
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You don't carry a bulky electric reciprocating saw around in your toolbox on the off chance you have to cut a single piece of copper pipe or make a small hole in some drywall; it is not very practical. For those light duty tasks you can get by with something much smaller. I like to turn to my trusty hand saw that accepts recip. blades – that is, if I can find a blade.

This is where the Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw flies in to save the day. You don't have to remove the blade after each use, you can simply fold it down and toss the saw into your toolbox. You can't lose the blade if it is still attached to the saw. The Folding Jab Saw can hold all standard recip. blades, so a replacement blade is as far as the local hardware store. The Jab Saw will include 3 blades; no word on price or availability.