Milwaukee Expands Fastback Line With Pocket Knives

Milwaukee Expands Fastback Line With Pocket Knives
Chris   October 07, 2013  
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Milwaukee Expands Fastback Line With Pocket Knives

If you liked the form and function of the original Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife or the recently updated and improved Fastback II Utility Knife, you might also be interested in the new line of Fastback Pocket Knives.

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their Hand Tool offering with three new Fastback™ Knives, launching in November 2013. Expanding the utility knife line to include pocket knives as well, the new additions to the Fastback™ family will include a Fastback™ Hawk Bill Knife, Fastback™ Smooth Pocket Knife and Fastback™ Spring Assisted Knife.

The entire line of Fastback™ Knives feature one handed blade opening for easy activation. Similar to the original Fastback™ and Fastback™ II, the Hawk Bill and Smooth Pocket Knife are designed to activate the blade 3X faster than a 2-handed opening with a Press & Flip opening. The Spring Assisted Knife delivers even faster activation by flipping open with the aid of a durable spring.

Each of the new knives feature a stainless steel blade with a sharp cutting edge that the user can re-sharpen, and are all designed with specific needs and preferences in mind. With a curved "Hawk" Blade, the Fastback™ Hawk Bill Knife is ideal for pull cuts or slicing around the edge of cable to remove installation. With a sharp, pointed tip, The Fastback™ Smooth Pocket Knife is designed for controlled piercing and smooth general purpose cutting. Lastly, the Fastback™ Spring Assisted Knife features a black oxide coated blade for ultimate durability and sharpness, and a serrated edge for tearing through material like rope.

All Fastback™ knives also feature a thin body design and a wire form clip for comfortable pocket storage and quick access. After much demand, the belt clip on the new knives will now be reversible for user preference and ultimate storage versatility.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, each of the new Fastback™ Knives confirm Milwaukee's commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless commitment to provide innovative solutions to the end user that will increase productivity. The Fastback™ line will continue to grow with innovative cutting solutions.

Model Options

Fastback Hawk Bill Knife (48-22-1985)
Fastback Smooth Pocket Knife (48-22-1990)
Fastback Spring Assisted Knife (48-22-1995)


Milwaukee took the improvements on the Fastback II and applied them to a different kind of knife, and that should make pocket knife users happy. The Milwaukee Fastback line has been successful thus far because of the design, and Milwaukee was smart to expand their audience. If opening a Fastback knife wasn't fast enough, Milwaukee gave users the option of going with a serrated version of the knife with a spring assist feature. Milwaukee is coming out with a lot of great gift ideas.


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