Milwaukee Announces Gen5 Heated Jackets

Milwaukee Announces Gen5 Heated Jackets
Chris   July 02, 2014  
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Milwaukee Heated Gear Family 2014

It may be hard to believe, but Milwaukee is in their fifth season of making their M12 Heated Gear. When they come out later this year, the lineup will include more color and camouflaged jacket/hoodie choices, a new jacket design, and even a new 3-in-1 jacket style.

The original M12 Heated Jacket has been completely redesigned from the ground up to make it more comfortable for the user. They changed the cut to improved range of motion, while keeping the jacket closer fitting to help with heat transfer. A new feature allows the chest/back heating zone and the pocket heating zone to be controlled independently from each other. More pockets for your stuff have also been added, with a USB port available for charging and displaying your battery runtime. The new jackets will be available in Black, Red and RealtreeXtra Camo.

Brand new this fall will be Milwaukee's M12 3-in-1 Camo Heated Jacket, which can be worn as a heated vest, and turned into a jacket as needed by simply attaching the outer shell. Still not enough? Add the hood to keep more heat in and the elements out. The shell features the Realtree Xtra Camo pattern on a special noise-reducing fabric, and is both wind and water resistant.

Not much is changing from last year's M12 Heated Hoodies, but there will be more color options. This year we will see the addition of Black as a color option as well as Realtree Xtra Camo and Realtree Max-1, which are again made out of a noise reducing fabric. Like the High-Vis Heated Hoodie, the Camo Hoodies feature a water-repellant polyester shell.

Milwaukee Heated Gear Season 5 Models

M12 Heated Jackets

  1. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo 3 in 1 Heated Jacket (2386 Bare & 2387 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  2. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Jacket (2392 Bare & 2393 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  3. M12™ Red Heated Jacket (2390 Bare & 2391 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  4. M12™ Black Heated Jacket (2394 Bare & 2395 Kit): Sizes S-3X Updated Design
  5. M12™ Women’s Heated Jacket (2339 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  6. M12™ High Visibility Heated Jacket (2346 Bare & 2347 Kit): Sizes M-4X No Change

M12 Heated Hoodies

  1. M12™ Black Heated Hoodie (2380 Bare & 2381 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  2. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hoodie (2382 Bare & 2383 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  3. M12™ Realtree Max-1® Camo Heated Hoodie (2384 Bare & 2385 Kit): Sizes S-3X New
  4. M12™ Red Heated Hoodie (2370 Bare & 2371 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  5. M12™ Gray Heated Hoodie (2372 Bare & 2373 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change
  6. M12™ High Visibility Heated Hoodie (2376 Bare  & 2377 Kit): Sizes S-3X No Change

M12 Heated Hand Warmers

  1. M12™ Realtree Xtra® Camo Heated Hand Warmer (2321-20 Bare & 2321-21 Kit) No Change
  2. M12™ Black Heated Hand Warmer (2322-20 Bare & 2322-21 Kit) No Change
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