Metal 3D Printed Socket Wrench Up On Kickstarter

Metal 3D Printed Socket Wrench Up On Kickstarter
Chris   August 19, 2013  
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Metal 3D Printed Socket Wrench Up On Kickstarter

3D printing technology sure has come a long way in these last few years. Something that wasn't even well known, is now not only known, but is at the point where it can actually be used to make production items. The NRG3 Roller Socket Wrench was prototyped using 3D Metal Printing and they plan on using 3D technology in production units.

No gears, no ratcheting, no indexing—the NRG3 Ratchet uses rollers that act as a clutch rather than gears. What this means is that there is no play in the back swing, so even in the tightest of spaces the NRG3 can "ratchet" where others can't. Roller Clutch Tools, the company behind the NRG3, also says that their roller design eliminates the wear and tear that is typically found in other ratchets.

One interesting thing about the NRG3 is that they plan on using 3D printed handles for the ratchets. As I mentioned above, they also used 3D printing for the prototyping of the ratchet itself. I am not sure if 3D printed parts will be part of the NRG3 after Kickstarter, but they sure seem to like using it.

Interested? A pledge starting at $40 can reserve you a ¼-inch Legacy Ratchet Kit while a 3/8-inch model starts at $70. Via Kickstarter


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