Marvel Hulk Vs Power Tool Hulk

Marvel Hulk Vs Power Tool Hulk

Chris   October 22, 2010  
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Marvel is looking to bring the comic that is the Incredible Hulk back to TV with a new series, and is doing extra duty to protect its trademark before the new show makes its way to our living rooms.

What does this have to do with power tools? Well, it turns out that Marvel is not very happy with Evolution Power Tools and the similar Hulk logo used on their Hulk air compressor. Evolution Power Tools has already successfully gone through the trademark process, even though Marvel was in protest.

Marvel has recently filed a lawsuit against Airbase Industries, the parent company of EPT, at the Ohio District Court. Their main complaint seems to be the "confusingly similar" colors and a "nearly identical" logo used on the Hulk compressor. Take a look at the photos below and see how similar the logos and colors actually are.

HULKWe can't have people accidentally thinking Marvel makes air compressors. Compressor Smash

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