Man With Pocket Knife Saves Life

Man With Pocket Knife Saves Life

Chris   February 26, 2009  
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[Photo by Jeffrey Roberts / Daily Hampshire Gazette ]

Golden Nozzle car wash customer John A. O'Leary was riding through the car wash when he noticed something was terribly wrong. Yards away, fighting for her life inside the car wash was 19-year-old employee Stephanie Carpluk. The lone attendant had taken a short-cut through the car rails and her scarf had become ensnared in one of the wash's rotating mechanical brushes. The machinery had pulled the scarf tightly around her neck and was quickly strangling her. Unable to free herself, Carpluk passed out. Within seconds, O'Leary sprung from his car and pulled out a pocket knife that he was carrying and cut her free. Noticing she wasn't breathing, he began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until Carpluk could once again breath on her own... undeniably saving the young woman's life. - autoblog

Be Prepared, the Boy Scout motto is simple but true. John was prepared and he was able to save a life just because he carried a simple tool and remembered the CPR training he received in the 70's. This is the reason every man and women should carry some type of pocket knife at all times. It doesn't not have to be big, and you want to be sure you are following your state and local laws, but it should always be sharp. One thing you learn quickly is a sharp knife is a safe knife.