Man Vs Tool: Let The Battle Begin

Man Vs Tool: Let The Battle Begin

Chris   August 10, 2010  
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man vs tool

First there was Man Vs Wild, then there was Man Vs. Food. Now, a new web show will pit man against the tools we all know and love. Man Vs Tool is a new web series that comes to us from the online tool store, Is this just another form of advertising on the cheap? Absolutely, but we all know what the power of good viral marketing can do. Who knows, they might have what it takes to be the next Will It Blend?.

In the first episode Man Vs Tool pits a 7th degree Tae Kwan Do black belt, Master Kassebaum, against the Makita 5377MG 7-1/4” magnesium hypoid circular saw, teamed up with the Rockwell Jawhorse. Whoever breaks or cuts the most boards in one minute gets the bragging rights. Who will win? Place your bets now, then see who comes out victorious in the video after the break.

Man Vs Tool