Makita's 18V BMR050 Combines A Radio And Flashlight

Makita's 18V BMR050 Combines A Radio And Flashlight
Chris   September 27, 2012  
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Makita BMR050 Body-Only Job Site Radio/LED Torch
Makita BMR050 radio light

Flashlights are always handy to have around and the music from a radio seems to make the day go by faster, so why not combine the two into one compact package? Besides, you can't show off your slick dance moves in the dark.

The Makita BMR050 is one of the latest tools to hit Europe, Asia, etc., but it has yet to grace our presence. The combination radio/flashlight looks like it does a good job of covering both tasks without any sacrifice. The light features 3x 1.4 watt LED lights that are sure to put out a lot of light, and a 6-position head makes it easy to put the light where you want it. The radio looks just as easy to use with all push-button operation with an AM/FM digital tuner with LCD display. The light runs on an LXT 18-volt Makita battery and a fuel gauge built into the BMR050 lets you know how much juice you have left.

We have seen a lot of tools on the shelves in Europe that never make here in the States, but Makita USA does have a US patent for this radio/light, so that has me more hopeful that it will be coming here one day. If you just can't wait you can always order it from ToolStop UK and ship it over. It will, however, cost you about $100 plus shipping.

Makita BMR050 US patent

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