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Makita Patent Shows Oscillation Tool With Universal Blade Mount

Makita Patent Shows Oscillation Tool With Universal Blade Mount Hot
Chris   December 30, 2011  
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Makita Patent Shows Oscillation Tool With Universal Blade Mount

All of the major brands, and many of the smaller brands, have oscillation tools on the market, except for Makita. A few rumors have been circulating around the internet that Makita is coming out with something in 2012, possibly 18V cordless, but I have not heard anything official from Makita just yet. However, a recent patent discovery tells us that Makita is at least working on an oscillation tool, and it could have a universal blade mount.

An effective technique is provided for rationally clamping and holding various kinds of tool bits which can be selectively replaced with each other and attached to the driving shaft in a power tool

While the patent pictures a few different ways Makita's blade holding technique works, one thing in common is how Makita chose to use two-sided mounts to provide universal blade support rather than rely on an extra universal adapter. Figure 18 shows how one type of blade is being held by the "washer", then in Figure 19 the "washer" is flipped to work with a different blade. Figure 26 and 27 work in a similar way, except that the mount is flipped.

If Makita does choose to go this route, I hope they use magnets or something to prevent the extra piece from falling off and getting lost. Losing it would make the tool pretty useless. And here is to hoping for a cordless 18V oscillation tool, not that the tool needs the extra power, but the extra runtime would sure be handy.

Source: Google Patents


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