Makita Laser Distance Measurer Hits UK

Makita Laser Distance Measurer Hits UK

Chris   October 14, 2009  
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mkta ld060pWe probably all knew that laser distance measurer's were going to be a big part of the construction industry in the future. The only question was how long until everyone owns one. Makita's recent entry into the game (now available in the UK) might get you to become a believer sooner then you thought, and it is only a matter of time until it hits the US.

It has some great features such as a large backlit multi-line display screen, measuring in both metric and imperial, a memory function and more. But there are a couple more features that really set it apart. The first being a tilt sensor said to offer more measurement possibilities, and more accurate indirect measurements. The second is a function that automatically detects the longest measurement when measuring from inside corner to corner. Now you can sweep the laser across a corner and the laser will do the rest of the work. If any of this has you confused, check out the video after the Read More

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