Makita Corded & 18V Cordless Oscillation Tool Rumors Are True

Makita Corded & 18V Cordless Oscillation Tool Rumors Are True
Chris   April 16, 2012  
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Makita's New Multi-Tool model TM3000CX5
Makita lxmt025 multitool

Remember back in December I posted an article about rumors floating around the internet that Makita was coming out with an oscillation tool and that an 18-volt cordless model was also in the works? Well it turns out that the rumors were correct. Last week – while I was out sick – Makita posted a couple of videos on their Youtube channel that outed their new upcoming products.

The videos (below) introduce to us the Makita TMC3000CX5 corded oscillation tool and the LXMT025 18-volt cordless oscillation tool. The TMC3000CX5 features a 3.0-amp soft-start motor combined with an electric speed control to maintain power under load and a total oscillation angle (sweep) of 3.2-degrees. This puts the corded Makita on par with newest Bosch in terms of power, but Makita edges out Bosch with a larger oscillating angle. However, it doesn't appear that Makita is offering a tool-less blade change feature like the newest Bosch MX30. Makita does say their oscillating tools will feature a universal blade mount, so this might also align with my December post and mention of the Makita universal blade mount patent.

The cordless LXMT025 is very similar to the corded version in terms of features, but unlike the other cordless oscillating tools on the market, it uses an 18-volt battery. This will obviously add a bit more weight to the back end of the tool, but the extended runtime of a larger battery might be worth it. Makita says you get the power of the corded version and up to 15-minutes of total runtime. This is about double the runtime of a 12v Max oscillation tool. An LED task light also appears to be a feature of the LXMT025.

According to Burns Tools these models will be available in June. The LXMT025 kit will cost around $330 and the bare tool will cost $130. The corded TMC3000CX5 will cost $170.

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