Make Your Voice Heard On The CPSC Table Saw Rules

Make Your Voice Heard On The CPSC Table Saw Rules

Chris   December 06, 2011  
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We have discussed in the past how SawStop is pushing to have its blade stopping system become mandatory on all future table saws. Then we learned that the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to move towards tougher table saw safety standards. Now it is our time to let them know how we feel. You know, the opinions of actual table saw users.

The Power Tool Institute is asking that we table saw users weigh in on table saw safety standards and the purposed mandatory use of the SawStop technology. It is unclear now what the end result would be if the new safety measures required table saw manufacturers to use the flesh detection system, but it could be the end of the portable compact table saws we love, and we would likely see a significant price increase across the board.

To make sure your voice is heard, head over to the address below and fill out the simple form. In your own words you can tell the CPSC what your thoughts are in regards to table saw safety. Our own poll showed that most people just don't want what is being suggested, so now is your time weigh in.

Power Tool Institute

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