Make Your Own Router Cookies With Fastcap's TracPad

Make Your Own Router Cookies With Fastcap's TracPad
Chris   July 13, 2011  
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TracPad from FastCap
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Even though I have never used them, I still believe Rockler's Bench Cookies are one of the best tool inventions for woodworkers and finish carpenters. I always assumed I would pick up a set, but thus far I have not needed them; but now thanks to Fastcap, I might not ever own a set. Why? Because Fastcap's new TracPad lets you make your very own router cookies brownies.

I always thought the Rockler cookies were a tool that could easily be DIY'd with some pieces of a router mat, a few blocks or circles of wood, and some glue. Fastcap TracPad is very similar to my DIY method, using some type of non-slip router mat with a self-adhesive back. The TracPad could be as simple as a router mat and Fastcap's double sided tape. Either way, this should be a cheaper, more customizable option. You can even use Fastcap's blind nails to turn your new brownies into a simple painting/finishing setup. For under $5 + shipping you get eight 2-3/8" pads to make 4 double-sided bench brownies, and four blind nails.

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