Make Custom Tool Drawer Liners With FastCap Kaizen Foam

Make Custom Tool Drawer Liners With FastCap Kaizen Foam
Chris   March 16, 2012  
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Getting better organized is something that many of us battle with. One of the ways the professional shops do it is by having custom drawer liners made up. These liners are usually made out of some type of foam and they are custom cut using CNC machines to perfectly match the outline of your tools. Getting custom liners made is not something the average person is going to do, but FastCap has a product that makes it simple to get a custom fit at home.

A new multi-layered foam from FastCap called Kaizen Foam could be the end to your junk drawer. In my case, most of my drawers end up being junk drawers. To get a custom fit with Kaizen foam all you have to do is layout your tools, trace an outline around them, and cut the outline out of the foam. What makes the Kaizen Foam special is the way it is layered, which allows users to remove layers of foam based on the thickness of their tools in 1/8-inch increments. It appears to be pretty easy to cut all types of shapes into the foam, or you can even go to the next level and burn or melt more complex shapes.

The Kaizen Foam is available in 20mm, 30mm, and 57mm thicknesses, in 2x4-foot sheets. You can get the foam in both blank and white, and the 57mm has a combo black & white option. Prices range from $9.99 to $19.99. has the Kaizen foam listed as coming March 31 2012. but this is a product Rockler should be selling in their stores aswell.

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