Lowe’s Starts Selling The Raven Hybrid Riding Mower

Lowe’s Starts Selling The Raven Hybrid Riding Mower
Chris   February 22, 2013  
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Raven Hybrid Riding Mower

If you ever need to mow your yard one day and travel to a remote location to repair a fence the next, I think you might be interested to see what the Raven has to offer. This unique mower turns into an ATV, is powered by hybrid technology, and can be used as a portable electric generator.

I feel the term "game changer" is overused, but when looking at the Raven it is hard not to think this is the future of riding mowers. The mower, as well as the drive train, are driven by brushless motors whose power is generated by a hybrid engine. We are already starting to see brushless motors being used in cordless tools because of their superiority to traditional motors, so the Raven is starting off on the right foot.

Because the mower deck is electric, it offers greater flexibility, which allows it to be mounted on a frame that is more similar to an ATV than to a traditional riding mower. It also makes it possible to offer 10 height adjustments and complete removal of the 46-inch deck with only 3 pins and a power plug, thus turning your mower into an ATV. The Raven has a top speed of around 17mph, and because electric motors are known for their torque, I suspect it can handle itself pretty well on those small hills. Even if you run out of gas, there is a battery backup onboard.

Hybrids use gas to produce electricity in the same way as an electric generator, so that functionality is built right into the Raven. Anywhere you take the Raven you have up to 7,100 watts of power and access to onboard power outlets.

The Raven is sold exclusively at Lowe's and is manufactured by RATO who is known for making ATVs, motorcycles and various small engines. The Hybrid engine inside the Raven is also a product of RATO and millions of dollars of R&D. At about $3,000 the Raven is priced higher than other mowers of this size, but those don't include an onboard generator.

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