Legacy Flexzilla Air Hose Goes Pro

Legacy Flexzilla Air Hose Goes Pro

Chris   February 16, 2011  
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I just happened to notice on the Legacy website that they are now selling a Pro version of their Flexzilla hose. Legacy likes to use the line, "If it's not ZillaGreen, it's not Flexzilla", and you might have seen these green air hoses in catalogs or online; but what makes these hoses so special? Well according to Legacy, these hoses will remain flexible at -40 degrees to 150 degrees, and have zero memory which allows them to lay flat right where they fall.

These hoses sound to good to be true, so what could Legacy have done to account for the need for a Pro version. The change is as simple as the hose fittings. Legacy took a page from their competitor's Flexeel hoses and upgraded to using field repairable compression style fittings. These fitting allow the user to repair a cut hose with only a couple of wrenches. These fittings can also be used with the non-pro hoses. I can not be 100% on this, but the Flexeel compression fittings might also work, and they should be easier to find right now.

The Pro version seems to cost right around the same as the regular version at $30 for 1/4"x50', so there is no reason not to go Pro, if you can find it.

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