Kreg Multi-Mark Just Might Replace Your Combination Square

Kreg Multi-Mark Just Might Replace Your Combination Square
Chris   August 06, 2012  
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Multi-Mark™ - One tool does it all!
Kreg Multi-Mark

Kreg has come out with a new layout tool that just might be good enough to replace your combination square for good. Why? Everything I use my combination square for the Kreg Multi-Mark can do, but it can also do so much more.

The Multi-Mark is really very simplistic in its design and consists of only a sliding ruler and a clamp, but the combination square is also a very simple tool. What sets the Multi-Mark apart for me is the more compact design and its extra features. Not only can the Multi-Mark be used to gauge specific lengths/depths like a combination square, but it can do it in three positions: straight, 90-degrees, and 45-degrees. A nice bonus feature is a built-in 3/16th inch gauge on the opposite end of the tool that can help finish carpenters layout door and window casings at the standard offset. Another bonus is the built-in bubble that also makes the Multi-Mark a 6-inch level. If the build quality is good, I think the Kreg Multi-Mark is a good buy at under $15.

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