Klein Rolls Out New Tradesman Pro Tool Bags

Klein Rolls Out New Tradesman Pro Tool Bags
Chris   March 29, 2013  
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Klein Tradesman Pro Tool Bags

Klein Tools announced some new additions to their Tradesman Pro line of tool organizers that have been designed to meet the needs of professionals. While Klein Tools are typically marketed towards electrical contractors, anyone can benefit from their organizers.

The new Tradesman Pro Rolling Tools bag aims to make it easier to transport your tools around by letting the 6-inch wheels take all the weight. How much weight? The bag is rated to handle 100-pounds of tools inside, plus another 100-pounds stacked on top. The top opening features a reinforced metal frame that stays open for easy loading and unloading. A molded kick plate protects the bag, and more importantly, your tools, from outside forces. (Cat. No. 55452RTB) BUY - Amazon

If rolling is not how your roll, the Tradesman Pro Hacksaw Electricians Bag might be of more interest to you. While it can hold a hack saw up to 16.5-inches in length, it also has 48 pockets that can be used to hold your other tools. It too features a molded base to protect it from the elements, as well as a plastic lined pocket to prevent damage from your hacksaw. A bright orange interior is said to make it easier to find your tools in what would otherwise be a dark interior. (Cat. No. 55453HSB) BUY - Amazon

If one hacksaw isn't enough, or if you just want a standalone hacksaw bag, the Attachable Hacksaw Holder might be what you need. It is a bare-bones hacksaw holder that features a plastic lining, and can be attached to other tool bags, carts, ladders and more. (Cat. No. 55454DHB)

Last up is the Tradesman Pro Electricians Tool Belt which features an exclusive drill bit pocket and a unique tape measure holder that allows you to use the tape without having to remove it from the belt. The removable pouches feature 26 "wide-open" pockets to hold your tools, and parts. The belt is padded for comfort and has built-in carrying handles and attachment points for Tradesman Pro Suspenders. Available in M, L, and XL sizes. (Cat. Nos. 55427, 55428, 55429) BUY - Amazon

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