Keter Workbench Tool Stand & Caddy

Keter Workbench Tool Stand & Caddy Hot
Chris   July 26, 2012  
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Keter's Tool Stand™
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One of the keys to being efficient is proper tool organization. I am not just talking about keeping your tools organized while they are not in use, but also while they are in use. This desktop Tool Stand or Caddy from Keter looks like a simple way to keep your most often used tools organized and in easy reach.

The Keter Tool Stand is designed to sit on your desk or workbench and provide easy access to your tools, but if your workbench is as messy as mine is, you also have the option to mount the stand on a wall. The Tool Stand features a tiered storage design that offers four heights of on-board storage making it easier to locate and reach the tools in the back. When you are ready to do work away from your workbench, you can grab and go using the two side handles.

The HomeDepot website lists the Husky branded Keter Tool Stand for under $7 which seems like a good price for simple tool organization.

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