Keter Click Bins, Stackable Linkable Parts Bins

Keter Click Bins, Stackable Linkable Parts Bins
Chris   June 07, 2012  
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Keter's Click Bins™
Keter-Click Bin

So I was perusing the Keter website the other day and came across their new Click Bin product. The Click Bin is similar to other stackable small parts bins on the market today, but what sets it apart is the ability to lock the bins together in stacks, kind of like the modular toolboxes from other manufacturers.

They are stackable, linkable, and they also have a built in handle, so now if you need to take more than one parts bin for a project you can still have a free hand for other tools. The back also has the slots to make these wall mountable. The Click Bin is available in three sizes, and Home Depot is currently selling the medium and large size under the Husky brand for about $5 and $8 respectively.

Click Bins - Home Depot

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