Keep Your Finishes Fresh With Argon Gas

Keep Your Finishes Fresh With Argon Gas
Chris   August 19, 2011  
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What is Bloxygen? Save leftover varnish!  Spray, seal, and store!

When do you ever open up a new can of paint or stain, and finish the entire can in one go? Unless you are a professional, the chances are pretty good that you rarely finish the full thing in one day. So what ends up happening is you seal up the can, and put it on the shelf to used at a later date. After a few projects have gone by, you turn to your dust covered can of finish and open it up to find a hard skin over the surface.

What a waste. If you had purchased a can of Bloxygen you could have prevented your can of finish from turning on you. Bloxygen uses the magic of Argon gas to provide a barrier between your oil based finishes and the oxygen that causes it to go bad over time. Argon is one of the noble gases, which we learned in school, have very low chemical reactivity. A 2-second blast of Bloxygen for quart cans, or a 4-second blast for gallon cans is all that is needed to save your finishes from premature death. Best of all, Bloxygen can be used any other products as well, such as epoxy, some types of glue, wood filler, polyurethane, gun powder and more.

Each can of Bloxygen cost around $13 and can save the lives of 75 quart sized cans. You can get Bloxygen from Rockler or paint stores, and because the gas is completely safe, it can be purchased online and shipped. Be sure to head on past the break to see Bloxygen in action.

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