Johnson Level Debuts Bamboo T-Bevels And Try-Squares

Johnson Level Debuts Bamboo T-Bevels And Try-Squares
Chris   February 04, 2013  
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Johnson Carbonized Bamboo T-Bevel (1926-1000)

A couple of years ago Johnson Level first introduced their bamboo levels. Bamboo is advantageous to use for a number of reasons including strength and sustainability, so is it any wonder that they have decided to introduce a line of T-Bevels and Try-Squares that use the fast growing grass?

There are actually a couple of versions of the T-Bevel and Tri-Square, depending on the look you want. Yes, guys like our tools to look good. You can get each tool with the traditional bamboo look, or you can get the carbonized bamboo version, which has a deeper tone to it. Think maple color versus walnut color. All models feature a stainless steel blade, and there is stainless steel gauging edges on the Try-Squares, while the T-Bevel feature a brass edging.

"Our customers expect tough and durable tools, which is why we moved from wood to bamboo. Bamboo has the tensile strength of steel, resists moisture and is sustainable to the rigors of everyday use on a job site," said John Dwyer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Johnson Level.


Johnson Bamboo Try-Square (1909-0800)
Johnson Bamboo T-Bevel (1915-0800)
Johnson Carbonized Bamboo Try-Square (1940-0800)
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