It's A Hammer – No A Ratchet

It's A Hammer – No A Ratchet

Chris   March 27, 2010  
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Actually it's both.

A tool combination of a ratchet and a hammer is probably not something you would think of when you look back at all the great multi-tools in existence, but the picture you see says it all. Or does it? The truth is that what looks like some cleaver DIY gizmo is actually a rather good “photoshop” that ToolGuyd found. After all, who needs a combination ratchet/hammer?

Well I guess someone does, because the tool actually does exist. It turns out that Wera just recently announced their new ratchet/hammer called Koloss. What was fake just a couple of seconds ago is actually real; but I am not sure I can be sold on this as a great tool for the everyman. Sure it can save you some space in your tool drawer, and it is one less tool to reach for, but you will lose the ability to get your ratchet into tight spaces. So unless this is something you will be using quite often, it might be better to pass and just use two tools like everyone else.

Yeah, I will never buy one, but it is still way cool


via ToolGuyd & ToolGuyd