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Is Dremel Making A Cordless Multi-Max?

Is Dremel Making A Cordless Multi-Max? Hot

Chris   March 31, 2009  
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Dremel Cordless Multi Max

Using my keen reporting skills I have come across some interesting news. It looks like Dremel is toying with the idea of making a cordless 12 volt version of their Multi-Max Oscillating Tool. It would be compatible with all of the current Dremel Multi-Max accessories, and run at 10,000 to 21,000 OPM with a variable speed motor. Right now the kit looks to include a one hour charger, a hard case, and 8 assorted accessories at around $140. So the question is... will this tool ever make it to market.

Dremel Multi-Max (Corded)Is Dremel Making A Cordless Multi-Max? - Amazon

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