Imperial Blades Debuts Titanium Coated Oscillating Blades

Imperial Blades Debuts Titanium Coated Oscillating Blades
Chris   January 23, 2012  
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Imperial Blades T340 Titanium
Imperial blades mm340

I am still amazed at the amount of jobsite issues an oscillation tool can help me solve, and I am very thankful to have this technology. I also think back to jobs where an oscillating tool could have saved me a ton of time and energy. But as great as these tools are, the blades seem to be the weak link. Is the future of oscillation tools in blades? Maybe titanium blades?

Imperial Blades came out with a new titanium coated oscillation tool blade that they claim "changes everything". You see, the problem with oscillation tool blades is heat build-up do to friction and improper tool use. Heat is a bad thing that causes the metal in the blades to get soft, and soft steel means dull blades. The titanium coating on the new MMT340 blades offers better heat resistance, better edge retention, and longer blade life. Could this blade be a game changer?

The Imperial Blades MMT340 has a 1-3/4" blade width with 18 TPI. It is a bit pricey at $18 each, but if you buy a 3 pack, the price is reasonable at $15 each. Plus Imperial Blades are manufactured in the USA. The T340 is available in a universal arbor mount and a couple of other popular arbor mounts.

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