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Homefixated & Tools In Action Cover The National Hardware Show

Homefixated & Tools In Action Cover The National Hardware Show Hot
Chris   May 17, 2011  
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Craftsman NEXTEC QuickBoost Second Generation Preview - 2011 National Hardware Show

We didn't make it to the National Hardware Show, but the good thing about the tool blogging community is that we all share with each other. Lucky for us, and you, Homefixated and Tools In Action were both on hand to cover the latest tools to be announced and they have some of their greatest finds on their respective websites. For those of you that prefer the visuals, TIA has you covered with a bunch of videos. Those of you who prefer the written word with a bit of wit, Homfixated is your place. Just love tools? Visit both sites.

To wet your appetite, below is Tools In Action with the second generation line of Craftsman NEXTEC cordless tools.

Tools In Action

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