Historic Deltagrams See New Life As PDF's

Historic Deltagrams See New Life As PDF's
Chris   March 04, 2012  
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Historic Deltagrams See New Life As PDF's

Back in the early 30's Delta came out with a new magazine to help promote Delta woodworking tools and to provide tips and tricks for Delta tools owners; this magazine was called Deltagram. Now these historic magazines will see new life as they are reissued online as free PDF documents

The first Deltagram issue came out in January 1932 and the magazine went through a couple of name changes as it made its way to the final publication in November 1972. The Deltagram managed to survive World War II, but instead of trying to sell you new tools, the magazine focused on the war effort by asking subscribers to buy war bonds. Articles in the magazine included tool setup tips, building techniques, woodworking plans, and user project galleries. The Deltagrams are being reissued by with the cooperation of the new Delta Power Equipment. This Old Workshop has already released the very first issue as well as the very last issue and will continue to release two issues a month. If you are interested in old power tools, or if you need to build a new 8-track cassette holder, you might want to give them a read. 


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