Here An Outlet There An Outlet, Snap-On Has You Covered

Here An Outlet There An Outlet, Snap-On Has You Covered

Chris   July 06, 2010  
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So you just finished outfitting your workshop; you have your drill press on one side of your workbench and your bench grinder on the other. Underneath you have quick access to your shop vacuum, and a roll away router table. Above is mounted a work light that shines brightly onto your work surface. But most importantly, you have plenty of room for your 500 watt stereo system. All is right with the world, that is, until you realize that your 1950's built garage turned workshop only has one electrical outlet.

The above statement might not be applicable in your case, but this is the problem many of us face when trying to outfit those work facilities that were built before electricity ran the world. Sure, if you are going the Roy Underhill route you have nothing to worry about, but most of us like to use a bit of power to get things done faster. The Snap-On Power Strip might not be the answer to all of life's problems, but it could be your answer to a lack of electrical outlets. Mount this over your workbench and you will have enough outlets to power everything in the area, as long as everything in the area that requires power totals 12 or less. The power strip features an anodized aluminum housing that is complete with a built-in 15 amp circuit breaker. It is powered via a 6 foot 14 gauge cord, that should be plenty long enough for most installs. Mounting hardware is included, which is a plus, and the complete package can be had for only $30 at your local Costco.