Heating Rods To Keep Your Tools Rust Free

Heating Rods To Keep Your Tools Rust Free

Chris   June 01, 2012  
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Nobody likes it when they go to use a tool only to find it covered in rust. This is especially an issue with cutting tools that are made with more carbon so they stay sharp longer. A product called GoldenRod wants to prevent your tools from the possibility of rust by using a bit of heat.

The GoldenRod is basically a small energy-efficient heater that warms the surrounding air enough to prevent condensation from forming and prevents tools from rusting. Since the GoldenRod uses little power, the idea is to install it into the cabinet where you store your tools, there it sits at the bottom of the cabinet and creates a cycle of warm air. GoldenRods are available in 12", 18", and 24" lengths and have a max surface temperature of 150°F.

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