First 79 Sears/Kmart Closing Stores Announced

First 79 Sears/Kmart Closing Stores Announced

Chris   December 29, 2011  
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Sears Holdings promised that a full list of the 100-120 closing Sears and Kmart stores would be coming soon, and today they have announced the first 79. The closures are pretty evenly split between Sears and Kmart, however, a good portion of the Sears closings are for Sears Grand/Essentials stores. The Grand and Essentials stores, as well as Kmart, more closely resemble Wal-Mart stores which could be the reason why they are not doing as well. I think my idea of making Sears into tool/appliance stores could do them some good by not having them compete with Wal-Mart.

The PDF below contains the list of 79 closing stores. As of now, no official store closing dates have been announced.

Update 12/30/11: The PDF has been updated to list 80 closing stores.