Festool ZOBO Bits Cut Like A Forstner, With Interchangeable Center

Festool ZOBO Bits Cut Like A Forstner, With Interchangeable Center
Chris   January 05, 2012  
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5-Piece Festool Zobo Forstner-Style Bit Set
Festool zobo

When you need to bore a clean precision hole, the forstner bit is probably pretty high on your list of bits to choose from. The center point is long enough to ensure that the bit doesn't wonder, but it is also short enough to allow the user to make stop cuts without breaking through the other side. But this short center really limits one's ability to use a forstner bit to drill on an angle. This, is where the Festool ZOBO bit aims to fill the gap

The Festool ZOBO bit is built very similarly to a regular forstner bit, but Festool has optimized the shank and cutter geometry to make sure you get the best use out of the bits on your cordless drill. But what really sets the ZOBO apart is the feature allowing the center point to be adjusted in depth, or completely replaced or removed. Using a longer center pilot bit, the ZOBO can be used to bore angled holes up to 70 degrees. If you replace the center with a regular twist bit, you can accurately drill a through-hole by drilling from both ends. And if a project requires a hole with a completely flat bottom, the center point can be removed after the hole has been started.

The ZOBO bits are machined from hard-wearing Swiss steel and are designed to work with Festool's quick-change Centrotec system. Festool is currently offering them in a five piece set with sizes: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm, and is being sold for $195

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