Festool Is Trial Testing A Training Program

Festool Is Trial Testing A Training Program

Chris   August 27, 2009  
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festool It looks like Festool is exploring the idea of an end-user training program. They are starting out with a special 2 day trial run program at the Festool USA HQ that will cover the TS Plunge-cut saws, PS Jigsaws, CT Dust Extractors, Rotex sanders, Multifunction tables, Kapex Miter saw, and Domino Joiner as well as user requested topics.

This class will include some classroom discussion, though depending on the experience level of the class, we will try to spend most of the two days in the shop, actually using the tools. Although future classes may be project-based, this trial event will be focused on product benefits and system techniques, so that participants leave with a better understanding of how to work faster, easier, and smarter using the Festool System.

Unfortunately registration has ended for the Aug. 31-Sep. 1 event, but this might be a sign of things to come.

[via Festool Owner's Group]