EZ Sander – Does The Name Fit?

EZ Sander – Does The Name Fit?

Chris   July 13, 2010  
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Is the EZ Sander really an easy sander? Well, kind of. It does make the task of changing paper easy, but it doesn't make the actual physical sanding process any easier; you will still need those little things called muscles for that. The EZ Sander works by wrapping a standard 2-1/2” x 14” belt sander belt over the expandable EZ Sander body. With a few turns of the side thumb wheel, the internal plungers of the EZ Sander expand forward to tension the belt. To remove the belt, you do the above steps in reverse.

I am not sure where I came across the EZ Sander, but when I did, I quickly noticed how similar it was to the SandDevil sander. The SandDevil uses the same concept as the EZ Sander, but instead of using thumb wheels to tension the belt, it uses a single lever. The other difference, besides the shape, is that the SandDevil uses a more common 3” x 21" belt. I am not saying any one of these is better then the other, it is just nice to have options... but I do love my SandDevil

The EZ Sander is available in six colors, the idea is to use a separate color for each grit of paper. For $20 you can get the woodworking kit which includes three wet/dry belts: #60, #120, #220, or you can get the automotive kit which includes three wet/dry belts: #60, #440, #1000.

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