Dust Deputy Now For Festool

Dust Deputy Now For Festool

Chris   February 15, 2010  
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You remember the Dust Deputy system I wrote about in the past; It is the cyclone that mounts onto a standard 5 gallon bucket, and acts as a pre-filter for your dust collection. Everywhere I look I see the Dust Deputy getting great reviews; people seem to love it. Now, not wanting to miss out on all the fun, Festool owners have come up all kinds of contraptions that allow them to mount their Deputies to their Festool Dust Extractors. One contraption consists of a cutting up a rather expensive Festool Systainer, mounting the Dust Deputy, then trying to make the whole thing air tight.

The makers of the Dusty Deputy, wanting to one up the DIYers and make a bit of money at the same time, have announced their own version of a Festool compatible Dust Deputy System. It uses their own dust container that mount to the Festool dust collectors, and has all the mounting holes for the Dust Deputy; more importantly, it is air tight.

I don't know if Dust Deputy, knowing that Festool owners are willing to spend their money, has come to a rather high introductory price of $229, or maybe there is some licensing fees going on. But now hacking an $80 Systainer and getting the $60 DIY Dust Deputy doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I am sure you could find some uses for that extra $90.

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Dust Deputy Festool

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