Dremel Relaunching Their 70 Year Old Moto-Saw

Dremel Relaunching Their 70 Year Old Moto-Saw
Chris   October 03, 2012  
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Dremel Relaunching Their 70 Year Old Moto-Saw

In the 40's Dremel came out with what was basically a powered coping or fret saw. This tool they called the Moto-Saw was pretty revolutionary for its time and they even advertised it as "more like magic than any tool you ever saw". Seventy plus years later Dremel has a new version of the Moto-Saw that still looks like a fancy powered fret saw but can also be mounted in a stand and used as a small scroll saw.

While I really like the idea of the Moto-Saw, I feel that the current specs limit its abilities. It has a maximum material thickness capacity rating of only a little more than 5/8-inch (18mm) and a stroke of only about 5/16-inch (8mm). So you really have very little saw blade to use, and I imagine it will be used up quickly at 1,500 to 2,250 strokes per minute. If those numbers are there just to cover Dremel's behind and the tool can actually handle thicker wood, it might make a good coping saw for miters. It can at least handle thicker MDF trim. I don't know the actual capacity of the old 40's model, but it was advertised as being able to cut 3/4" medium hard wood at a rate of 1-inch per minute. The New Moto-Saw will be available soon in Europe and I expect it will make it here shortly.


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