Dremel Multi-Flex Blade For The Multi-Max

Dremel Multi-Flex Blade For The Multi-Max

Chris   January 12, 2011  
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Over the past couple of years we have seen many different oscillating tools come out from all of the major brands and even a few no-names, but there really hasn't been any innovation in the accessory department. Well that has all changed with the addition of the Multi-Flex from Dremel. The Multi-Flex looks a little weird, but if it works as advertised, it should bring a whole new level of of versatility to the tool. When the Multi-Flex is attached, it turns your oscillation tool into what is very similar in function to a scroll saw or coping saw. This attachment allows the saw to do something that was impossible up until now, make curved cuts. Don't forget you can use Multi-Max accessories on other brands oscillation tools by using the universal adaptor.

The Multi-Flex also seems to be the most expensive single Multi-Max accessory at just under $25, but it includes a number of extra blades. The Multi-Flex comes with 4 spiral cutting blades that are good for cutting in any direction in wood or plastic, 3 straight blades that can be used on wood, PVC, and soft metals, and 1 carbide blade.

Update: I just got word that the Multi-Flex will be available at Lowe's stores in March, and Home Depot in April. You can also sign up at Amazon to be notified when it becomes available.

Update 1/28/2011: Amazon is now showing these as "In Stock"

Dremel - [:cicn:] Lowes - Amazon

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