Dremel Goes Universal With Its Oscillating Accessories

Dremel Goes Universal With Its Oscillating Accessories

Chris   November 02, 2010  
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In a somewhat weird move that seems to mirror what big brother Bosch has just recently done with the OIS adapter, Dremel has announced that they are also releasing a universal adapter for their oscillating accessories. This is weird because these companies (which are both owned by the same parent company) will be competing with each other for oscillation blade sales. This seems odd to me, but I am sure they know what they are doing. It could be as simple as greater availability.

The Dremel Multi-Max Universal adapter will allow all Dremel Multi-Max blades and accessories to be used with all current oscillation tools on the market, including Bosch, Craftsman, Fein, Masterforce and Ridgid. One notable advantage the Mulit-Max accessories have over other manufacturers blades is the Quick Fit blade design. Quick Fit allows users to adjust or completely remove blades and accessories without having to remove the screw on the tool. This feature alone cuts quite a bit of time off of installation.

Dremel has already started selling their universal adapter, which can be found in most hardware stores and home improvement centers. Suggested retail is $4.99, so it is cheap enough to get you out of a jam when you need some blades for your non-Dremel.