Don't Let A Good Pencil Get Away, Use A Leash

Don't Let A Good Pencil Get Away, Use A Leash

Chris   July 29, 2011  
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Owning a Staedtler 771 pencil shows that you mean business, but loosing this awesome mechanical pencil would be a real tragedy; let us not forget that you would also be out around $8, the price of the pencil. Now if you had something like a leash for your pencil, this crisis might have been averted.

The Tug-N-Back Writer from PencilPull might just solve the issue of lost pencils for good by keeping them on a leash. The Tug-N-Back uses a retractable cord that is similar in function to a retractable key ring, and attaches to the back of a pencil or pen with a universal holder. The universal holder can even be used on writing devices with a clip. The Tug-N-Back housing holds a total of 28-inches of cord and simply clips to a pocket or belt. Two different retractable modes can be selected from a switch on the housing, which allows the cord to either have constant tension or no tension at all. When the no tension mode is selected, a simple tug on the cord will allow it to retract, like a window blind.

The Tug-N-Back costs under $5, and is a small price to pay for pencil security, not to mention that it looks like it would be pretty handy.

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