Don’t Have A Lathe? Try A Mini Grinder

Don’t Have A Lathe? Try A Mini Grinder
Chris   December 11, 2012  
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New type of wood lathe?   Make Magazine likes it, why not you?

Here at Tool-Rank it is not always about showcasing the best new tools to hit the market; we also like to show you how you can use the tools you already own in ways you might not have expected. There are always more than one way to solve a problem and when one man needed a lathe, he turned to his mini grinder.

Can you even picture how a mini grinder is used as a replacement for a lathe? If you can, you are probably over thinking his solution. All Brian White needed to do was make a rounded handle portion on some square stock to replace a broken wheelbarrow handle. While most people would have just gone to the store to buy a replacement, Brian decided to make it himself. Sticking a screw on each end of the square stock as the live centers and using a few more screws to hold the centers in place, he then fired up his grinder and used it to both spin the wood and to surface it at the same time. Obviously this method is not going to produce highly detailed turnings, but is does have its applications. Warning, try this at your own risk.

How have you used tools to do the jobs of other tools?

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